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I completed a degree in Media Communications before going on to further study in Visual Merchandising and Design.  

For more than 20 years I have worked in various roles within the Media Industry and loved every minute! I am visually addicted - to places, faces, design and things... 

Creating and creativity has been a way of life for me, every corner of my life is touched with a creative idea and spark. Colour, movement and design.


the process

As a passionate and experienced Media Communications Planner for business, I blend traditional advertising concepts whilst utilising current media communication channels to establish your Social Brand - your online business voice, values and purpose.

I will work with you to design, build and establish a lasting brand identity across all digital platforms. From business start ups to established businesses wanting to expand their reach and audience. Through a detailed research and education process we come to understand where to position your brand, and work to achieve a business identity that is consistent, deliverable and genuine  - always with your end user in mind.




brand Identity

  • Start Up Coaching

  • Online Brand Development

  • Online Strategy


  • Web Design

  • Social Media

  • Digital Publishing


Social Media is a conversation.
Social Media is customer service.
Social Media is advertising.
Social Media is connectedness.

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Client Reviews

Business Mamas engaged Kate to manage our social media marketing. Kate can successfully create strategies to engage our audience in a voice that represents our brand perfectly. Kate is visually amazing, has a talent for telling our story and capturing the essence of our brand. It is truly refreshing to work with someone that is so passionate about what they do, is innovative and full of great ideas and that will go over and above requirements. You can be guaranteed that Kate will always meet deadlines, do her absolute best and commit 100% to achieving the set goals.  Kate is an absolute pleasure to work with, is great at what she does and I would be delighted to recommend her.

—    Macala Squire   Founder & CEO Business Mamas
I have worked with Kate Lowe on a number of projects, from event management to social media marketing.  Kate has an innate sense of style and design that brings her unique vision of the world into play.  She understands human motivation and what moves people to take action.  She is diligent, organised and thorough, with a strict attention to detail and deadlines.  Result-oriented, Kate’s ownership of her responsibility is refreshing, and she always exceeds expectations.
— Melanie Quirk  CEO On Q Events & PR

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